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Ivan Filippov presented the draft low “About the socio-economic development Strategy of St. Petersburg for 2035”

The draft low “About the socio-economic development Strategy of St. Petersburg for 2035” submitted by the Chairman of the Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic planning of St. Petersburg, was approved at the session of the Administration of St. Petersburg.

Ivan Filippov stressed, that within existing Strategy-2030, St. Petersburg has been achieved the significant progress in the demography and the life expectancy, the social sphere, the building infrastructure, the residential construction and the quality of living environment. Despite the difficult conditions, the economic growth was sustained, the investment and innovation activities growth was achieved, and the quality of public administration was achieved substantial results.

The Strategy-2035 is based on strategic using of the resources and the benefits of St. Petersburg such as the rich cultural heritage and a worldwide reputation of the city, a diversified economy and an extensive scientific potential, the advantageous geographical position and, the key point is citizens with the high standards of education and culture.

In the Strategy-2035 have been identified three development priorities of St. Petersburg. The main focus being on the technological breakthrough, the creating a comfortable environment, the openness to new ideas and skills.

The main lines of socio-economic policy of St. Petersburg are the development of human capital, the increasing of the quality of the urban environment, the achieving sustained economic growth, the ensuring administrative efficiency and the development of civil society.

Eighteen goals were established in this manner. Among them, the improving public health and the significant increase in life expectancy, the enhancing the quality and accessibility of education, the achieving a harmonious personal development, the increasing of transport accessibility and the efficiency of transport system, the development of competitive environment and the supporting of individual business initiatives, the increasing availability of accommodation and the quality of housing and utility services, the ensuring the environmental prosperity.

The Strategy-2035 involves sustained economic growth of St. Petersburg. In particular, the average annual growth rate of GRP would be amounted to 3-5 percent. Fixed investment would increase by 3,2 times in comparison with 2016 (in comparative prices). However, the percentage of investment in fixed capital of GRP would increase from 18,1 percent in 2016 to 25,0 percent in 2035. GRP in nominal terms would grow up in five times, and this rate would be amounted to 20 trillion rubles. In addition, industrial production and labour productivity would grow up in twice, external trade turnover would be amounted to 80 milliard USA dollars, and the share of exports would be amounted to 60 percent.

Ivan Filippov noted that St. Petersburg in 2035 is the city with the population of 6,35 million people, the average life expectancy of citizens would be 80 years, and the availability of accommodation would increase by nearly 20 percent.