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The anniversary meeting of the Working Group in preparation for SPIEF-2018 was held in Smolny

The anniversary meeting of the Working Group chaired by Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg and Chairman of the Property Relations Committee of St. Petersburg Mickail Mokretsov in preparation for SPIEF-2018 was held in Smolny.

At the meeting discussed the issues of improvements the territories near the Expoforum, cleaning the forest park areas around the airport Pulkovo, working of the intercepting parking areas on the Pulkovskoye Shosse for the guests of the Forum. The speakers were Heads of districts, specialized committees and business.

In addition, throughout the year Working Group had decided that such issues:
Re-engineered a road to Expoforum near the river Pulkovka, building memorials of those who fell in WSV,
Building and commissioning the parking areas on the Pilotov street and Tolmachevskaya street,
Leasing assignment agreement of the parking area near the Moskovsky railway station,
Assistance in the reconstruction of the platform № 3 of airport Pulkovo,
Transferring in City-owned at no-cost the land on the Perevedenskaya street, where will be build a parking area for tourists buses heding Pushkin.
The meeting of the Working Group was anniversary, 100th since the establishing in 20015. For this time, the Working Group decided more than thousand issues.

The results of Working Group’s work:
Reconstruction of the Pulkovskoye Shosse and building roads near it,
Resettlement of the safe turns,
Building the above-ground crossing and install the photo complex of traffic violation on the Pulkovskoye Shosse,
Building the parking areas, including waiting zones near the airport Pulkovo,
Ensuring engineering and energy infrastructure for Expoforum and decision issues of public safety.

Also the Working Group considered the issues of the organization the business and cultural programme of SPIEF, including the organization of free concerts for residents and visitors of St. Petersburg.