Saint Petersburg is one of the leader to implementation of the “May” Presidential Decrees

28 April 2018
The Chairman of the Committee Ivan Filippov presented the results of the implementation of the “May” Presidential Decrees’ orders from 7 May of 2012 for 2017 at the session of the Government in Smolny.

Ivan Filippov stressed, that most indicators match or exceed the established planned targets in 2017. Moreover, St. Petersburg is a Russian leader on a number of indicators.

Thus, positive results could be noted in certain areas contained in the Decree № 596. According to preliminary reports of Rosstat, in the last 6 years the number of higher-productivity workplaces in St. Petersburg has increased by over 56 percent and reached 900 thousand units in 2017. Russia was ranked 25 place in the Top 190 on the indicator “The increasing of position of Russia Federation in the World Bank’s ease of doing business rankings”, which based on Moscow and St. Petersburg data.

During the “May” Presidential Decrees wages of public sector workers on the average has doubled. St. Petersburg full complied with increasing wages in government offices under the authority of the Administration of St. Petersburg.