VTB Group will be the issuer of a “Single city card”

21 May 2018
The meeting of the Commission by choice of credit organizations – issuers of a “Single city card” was chaired by Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg and Chairman of the Property Relations Committee of St. Petersburg Mickail Mokretsov in Smolny.

The statement from PJSC VTB Group was considered and was approved at the meeting.

The agreement on production, issuance and maintenance of electronic “Single city card” activities will be signed at SPIEF-2018.

The summary
The “Single city card” will be produced free based on the national payment system “MIR”. This card includes the payment, discount and bonus systems; transport ticket and ability to registration the electronic signature. Personal data of the owner of the card, SNILS and CHI also will be stored by plastic card.